Job Openings at Gatitaa, Pune

Job Openings at Gatitaa, Pune

About Company:
Gatitaa is Pune based IT service provider organization started in mid-2005, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified in January 2014. Gatitaa is achieving the real success of business in website design and development, software development, application development, E-commerce development, SEO/SMO, digital marketing, bulk messages and voice calling, product testing, logo design, brand development and much more. Gatitaa has catered 300+ customers and count is increasing significantly. We understand the requirements and business objectives and recommend a cost effective solution with latest technologies within the deadline. We follow Google standards, W3C standards.

Job Openings:

1. Website Designer

Required Skills: HTML, CSS, bootstrap, javascript, jquery, photoshop, (PHP, MYSQL will be benefitial)

Experience: 0 to 6 months

2. Marketing candidates : MBA, BBA (internship available)

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Services provided by Gatitaa :

1. Website Design / Development
2. Software Development
3. Domain Registration
4. Hosting
5. Social Media Marketing
6. SSL Certificates
7. Bulk Email/ SMS
8. ISO / SSI Certificates
& All Work Related to IT

DBMS interview questions with answers

DBMS interview questions with answers

Question: What is database?
A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is designed, built and populated with data for a specific purpose.

Question: What is DBMS?
It is a collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a database. In other words it is general-purpose software that provides the users with the processes of defining, constructing and manipulating the database for various applications.

Question: What is a Database system?
The database and DBMS software together is called as Database system.

Question: What are the advantages of DBMS?
Redundancy is controlled.
Unauthorized access is restricted.
Providing multiple user interfaces.
Enforcing integrity constraints.
Providing backup and recovery.

Question: What are the disadvantage in File Processing System?
Data redundancy and inconsistency.
Difficult in accessing data.
Data isolation.
Data integrity.
Concurrent access is not possible.
Security Problems.

Question: Describe the three levels of data abstraction?
The are three levels of abstraction:
Physical level: The lowest level of abstraction describes how data are stored.
Logical level: The next higher level of abstraction, describes what data are stored in database and what relationship among those data.
View level: The highest level of abstraction describes only part of entire database.

Question: What is Object Oriented model?
This model is based on collection of objects. An object contains values stored in instance variables with in the object. An object also contains bodies of code that operate on the object. These bodies of code are called methods. Objects that contain same types of values and the same methods are grouped together into classes.

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