How we can use torrent to download files or what the heck is 'torrent'?

How we can use torrent to download files or what the heck is 'torrent'? 
Many articles may have written but they all may not find useful or it is such a technical that basic computer user may get conflicted. Rather going deep into technical terms, I am writing this post by considering beginners in mind.

What is torrent?

Actually torrent is a small file which has file download details i.e. where file is stored, etc? It has .torrent as file extension; just like .txt for text file in windows. We have to download this file from torrent storage website or torrent search engine called . Then we can integrate or open this file into torrent client software.

  1. Basically we need Torrent client software to manipulate a .torrent file. There are two basic torrent client softwares Bit torrent & uTorrent

  1. For any type of data file such as mp3, softwares, movie we need to find .torrent file.

Steps to download your first torrent

Install torrent client software
  1.  Go to

  1. On right hand you will see green button with label "Free Download". Click on that button

  1. .exe file will be downloaded to your PC. (You have to find location where that file will be stored)

  1. Double click on that file. Go through the instruction to install software.

Start downloading files using torrent

Lets take example of download a movie using torrent.

  1. Go

This is actually a torrent search engine like There are also other sources to find & download torrent .
  1. Type a movie name as an example 'inception'. You will see list of links with file size, peers & date of uploaded. We concern only file size & peers.

  1. Select a torrent with your required file size & peers. More the peers better will be download speed.

  1. Click on link you selected.

  1. Now you have to select a site from where you will download a small torrent file. 

  1. Click on any site from their & look for 'download torrent' button. 

  1. You will be prompted to open file or save file. If you open file, it will open with your utorrent client software.

  1. A window will be open to ask you where to save a file. Provide location their.

  1. After selecting it click ok to start download.

  1. When a download finishes it will start seeding. Stop it & right click on the file within utorrent & click on open containing folder.

If you still find the above steps hard see the below video

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420"></iframe>

You can still have youtube option to learn this.

Let me know your feedback!! Comments will be accepted :)


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