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It’s Growth of Technology Park !!!

When Technology Park started writing posts, there were just 20 to 30 users daily. Now Technology Park has around 1990 Indian and 541 US users daily. The facebook page Technoogy Park has started sharing knowledge from January 2014 with 10 likes per month, but now the number of audience of Technology Park is around 1028 daily. Now at this moment Technology Park has more than 2,222 likes. Total Number of fans of Technology Park is more than 28,810.   I know these are not large numbers enough. But its good start what I feel. When I started blog Technology Park, I didn't think that it will turn into such a great Growth in terms of Knowledge, traffic, sharing and caring about IT.

The Facebook Group “BCA AND MCA FRESHERS JOBS” has more than 24,486 members. On this Group, the admin of Technology Park shares the things which are updated on Technology Park Blog.

Technology Park has the Punch Line:
All for IT, All for Technology, All for growth, All for You,... (Learning, Earning &...Leading.)

And it’s happening truly.
Obviously, it’s not only Technology, But all Users, You people made it. You people helps us/me to improve and vice a versa.

Technology Park is the Blog, shares everything related to Technology, IT.

What this Blog is about:
-         Guidance for IT Students.
-          IT Companies in India.
-         Resume Tips for fresher.
-         Guidance for Start ups
-         Current affairs of IT.
-         Learning IT Concepts, Basics.
-         Interview Questions for freshers.
-         How to get a Job at Fresher level, Experience Level.
-         How to earn Money online.
-         Advertising using Internet.
-         Basic Computer Knowledge.

For Whom the Technology Park Blog:
-         Who is Learning IT.
-    Students of IT ( BCA / MCA / MBA / BSC / BE / ME / MTECH / DIPLOMA / other ).
-         Who are looking for a Job in IT.
-         Who want to learn Technology.
-         Who want to start a Start Up.
-         Who want to grow.
-         Who want to Lead, Learn, Earn, and Grow.

Stay Connected with Technology Park.

We would Love to hear from you…!!!

Contact us : hellotechnologypark@gmail.com

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(The statistics and numbers are taken from Google Analytics and Facebook Page Admin Panel date: 16th July 2017, Sunday)

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