**Computer Virus**(HISTORY)

A computer virus is a computer program that can replicate itself and spread from one computer to another.

Viruses can increase their chances of spreading to other computers by infecting files on a ..network file system.. or a file system that is accessed by another computer.

The ..Creeper virus.. was first detected on ..ARPANET.., the forerunner of the Internet, in the early 1970s.Creeper was an experimental self-replicating program written by Bob Thomas at ….BBN Technologies…. in 1971.  Creeper used the ARPANET to infect DEC PDP-10 computers running the ..TENEX operating system

 Creeper gained access via the ARPANET and copied itself to the remote system where the message, "I'm the creeper, catch me if you can!" was displayed. The Reaper program was created to delete Creeper.

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