Future of PHP Developer

Question: (Asked by one PHP Fresher)
“After a long struggles got a small job in a new company as a PHP developer.
Some what happy and ready to join job.
But suddenly one day my friend’s uncle asked me what are you doing? I answered: recently got selected as a PHP developer in "some" company. He said PHP don't have better feature, don't waste your time. Just try jobs in another domain.

Again started confusion in mind!!!
Please give me appropriate answer for this issue.”

You should have asked your uncle why he thinks that PHP has no future. I'm always surprised when people authoritatively predict the future and advice based on their own assumptions. 

Given the widespread adoption of PHP, I'd expect it to last for at a long time in future. Plus, you are essentially a 'programmer' and the language is just a tool. The main focus for any programmer has to be the 'logic implementation' which can make him/her get proficiency in any language quickly, when required. 

PHP is one of the basic languages to learn if you're making a career in web development.
Any kind of learning won't go to waste. When you become proficient in one computer language, it becomes very easy to grasp other languages.
Choose a technology and start coding. You won't regret.

And PHP, my friend, has the brightest future. 
I think most people fail to realize that if you choose to go into jobs - 99% of you won't be coding in just one technology / tool / language. That means, if you opt for PHP now, you won't work in PHP all your life. It's likely that you'll have to keep updating yourself with various programming languages.

Most of the people will shift into management mode.
PHP is considered to be limited to only web applications websites thing but if you have strong interest in web then PHP is just starting.
You have vast scope of learning jQuery, Ajax and HTML5, Json to web services. There is so much to learn and make a very successful career.

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  1. Thanku very much sir . I get much relief to read this answer . because I'm also confused about php. And comparing other language php has less salary.

  2. I loose hope everyday.I am working in php since one year...I am worried can i survive in just making website only

  3. Don't worry, keep improving yourself in PHP OOPs, jQuery.
    PHP will never die.


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