Group Discussion: Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

Group Discussion: Love Marriages Vs Arranged Marriages

here are some points that will help you to discuss on above topic.

In an arranged marriage, you would get little time to get to know your partner before marriage. It's only after marriage that you would get to know their true characters. They would serve as a mirror and you would get to feel emotions which you didn't even know that they existed. The only thing that would get you going is unconditional acceptance. If both the partners could keep an open mind and accept each other for what they are, they will enjoy a happy married life. If not, then it would get frustrating for both the partners.

In a love marriage, you are at an advantage. You and your partner have been together for sometime and you have mutual respect and understanding for each other. Moreover, you have accepted each other. That's why you have decided to marry each other right?

Now, the difference between either kind of marriage is the involvement of the family. As I have mentioned earlier, it's all about acceptance. If both families can accept each other for the happiness of their child, then the problem is solved. It's a win-win for everyone.

In either case, marriage is a contract between two persons to provide companionship for the short span of life that human beings enjoy. If two people want to be happy, they can be. The secret is knowing that you shouldn't bother about whether he/she is making you happy or how much he/she is giving to you; rather try to share the beautiful things that you have to offer. If both the partners could think like that, it wouldn't matter which kind of marriage they have been a part of.

Alright, so I am going to support the arranged marriage side. First things first, let's get this information clear and sorted out. Not all arranged marriages are forced and actually today, most arranged marriages do not carry through without the permission from both sides.

Although there are still forced marriages in many parts of the world still happening today, the arranged marriage that I know of and support is the one which gets permission from both the bride and groom before carrying on with. A love marriage has a higher divorce rate than an arranged marriage, this can be confusing for some but the truth is this, love is very blinding to the eye.

Love is an indecisive feeling which can come and go, it's just too unreliable to take a hasty decision like marriage. There can be many reasons why a person may fall in love with one, but there are also many reasons why one would divorce another because of a love marriage. In a love marriage you already know so much about the person and because you know so much about them, you like them and decide it's only right to get married to them.

In an arranged marriage you might not have enough time to know about the person or you might not know the person at all, but you have the rest of your lives together and therefore enough time to get to know each other and better understand each others hearts. Although in an arranged marriage you didn't love the person completely, you can start loving them for the rest of your life.

In a love marriage you know way too much about the person that life starts to get boring, you knew each other so well when you loved each other that's why you decided to get married in the first place, but after marriage what else can you really know about them or in other cases do? That same person will start to get boring because there is nothing surprising about that person any more.

While in an arranged marriage, your learning something new about your partner everyday. In an arranged marriage you have the full satisfaction from both sides of the family, making your parents proud. I feel as if an arranged marriage has more commitment and a valuable purpose to marriage because it was obviously a thought out decision before proceeding on with marriage. In an arranged marriage all sides had a careful and well though out decision before actually marrying, therefore divorce rates are obviously way lower because both sides agreed upon taking the decision.

In an love marriage, possibly only the two people could get affected by a divorce, but with an arranged marriage both sides of the family and everyone who decided for the arranged marriage could get affected, so the bride and groom would hesitate to upset both sides of the family with a divorce.

In my opinion love marriages are the best as we know the person very nicely while in arrange marriages we don't know the person to whom we are going to marry. We cannot spend our whole life with a person we just met.

In arrange marriages our parents select a person with whom we have to spend our whole life, so its our decision, we have spend our whole life with him/her, parents don't have to. So conclusion is love marriages are much better than arranged marriages.

Love marriage is far better than arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is sound like arrange the function with whole family and tie the band between boy and girl how can the live their life without knowing each other before marriage and they would expand 2-3 year in knowing to each other means they would misery their 2-3 year.

And then they get to start their life but in love marriage boy and girl know each other very well and their understanding is much better so they would live their life the way they want so love marriage is much better than arranged marriage. Guys what you think.

Whats your opinion or thoghts on above topic?
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