Game Development: using C++ or other

Game Development: using C++ or other

C++ is one of the best and most used programming language in Game Development, Animation tools and technologies. If you search google you will get a lot of results on this.

C++ game development is not odd. There are a lot of online resources available and also books are available. I will provide you with some links:

Wanting to "Learn game development" is very, very vague.
If you want to develop your own, small games, for fun, while learning how to structure the application, go with python.
If you want to learn more hard-core graphics programming, or gain experience towards working in the industry, I would have to say go with c++.
I think the answer depends very much on your current skill set and goals. Note that I'm certainly no expert in the field.

C++ is the language used to actually write the game, at least for the graphically-intensive complex games like World of Warcraft. Languages like Python are often used for scripting behaviors within the game.
If you want to be hired in the industry, get good at C++. Real good.

As a game developer, what are your most used concepts in C++?
Implementation of OOPS, Data structure, Design patterns via c++

The Best site to refer:

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