CodeIgniter: Best PHP Framework for beginner

After writing first post on CodeIgniter I decided to write this.

CodeIgniter is better for a beginner.
If you know PHP programming (basics), CodeIgniter is for you.

All frameworks I can think of in the PHP world are strongly object oriented, so provided you're comfortable with that, you should be in a good place to make a start. The advantage with using a framework is that you can learn best practices, which is especially important in the PHP ecosystem - as a PHP programmer myself I can tell you that there are a number of poor practices that are passed around on blogs etc, and it will pay to learn from the correct sources.

As we know, Codeigniter is a Model/View/Controller (MVC) based framework so this is best structure to build any application. Each request comes to controller and performing any database interaction though Model, all out put goes to View for the end result. Where as, in custom PHP each single page serves as MVC where we can see so much complexity.

Pros of CodeIgniter: 

  • Super easy to set up and use. This makes the entry level for a newer PHP developer much lower.
  • Extremely well-documented, with examples in a lot of places to illustrate usage.
  • Extremely fast.
  • Huge community. As with Cake, since CI has been around so long you can almost always find your answer via Google, CI forums, or their IRC channel. This also means there’s lots of code contribution to help get things done (like Paypal libraries, etc)

Ready to Go & Almost Zero Configuration:
If you are going to start a new project with custom PHP then you obviously need to set and collect couple of files to get this start. You must need to build database & other configuration files. Mostly, developers have to write everything from scratch. In Custom development, we will see database queries and other php functions being used directly into lot of files. Following are few files we need in custom development.

Custom PHP
– connection.php
– config.php
– Database.Class.php
– login.php
– logout.php

In Codeigniter we dont need to worry about such classes and configurations. We will only need to download latest version from there website and after unzipping and setting up few things you are ready to go. The whole zip comes with 3 folders usually,

– application
– system
– user_guide

The system/ folder contains all libraries and classes which we can add and use in our application. We dont need to do anything with system folder because all our work will go to application folder. The application folder is a set of folders and each folder name defines the purpose of its creation.

These two files are needed to setup in CodeIgniter:

– application/config/config.php file with a text editor and set your base URL.
– application/config/database.php If you intend to use a database then set your database settings.

Download CodeIgniter from here.


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