PHP Developer Salary: How much does a PHP Developer make?

In India, It's depends upon company, location and your skills. An average starting annual salary of php developer is near to 90,0000 INR that goes up to 4.50 lakhs in a three years of time.

In India, starts from as low as 8k/month to as high as 1.5L/month. Although low paying sections are more occupied.

As a programmer you need to have a very good understanding of how development technologies works in general and how are they co-related.

For Freshers its 8-12K.
After 1 year - 16K
After 2 year - 22K
After 3 Year - 30K
After 4 Year - 36K
After 5 Year - Upto 45K

PHP Developer Salary depends on experience, logic, ideas, innovation, contacts, business development etc etc stuff. 

Learn and earn. 

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