Tell me about Yourself

"Tell Me About Yourself" is one of the most common FIRST question in any kind of an interview, be it technical or HR round! The answer to this question plays a very major role in your selection,But since we are not used to introducing ourselves , this question makes most of us nervous and so we need to practice to answer Tell me about yourself properly as this question can help you to make the interviewer ask the questions you want him to ask you as well as to project your strengths.

If you are a fresher your answer to Tell me about yourself should start in the following way: 
  1. Tell your full name, your father's name , how many siblings you have and where is your home town.
  2. Tell about your 10th Boards Examination with percentage ans Board of Examination.
  3. Do the same about your 12th Boards.
  4. Tell about your College and the Percentage / CGPA you got.
  5. Tell about Extra Curricular Activities and Achievements.
  6. Any Extra courses/trainings and certifications that you acquired.
  7. About your Hobbies and interests.

Questions similar to "Tell me about yourself"

There are many variations to the question "Tell me about yourself", an interviewer can ask the same thing in different ways or infact split the question in to parts. Following are the variations: 
  1. Tell me something about yourself
  2. Can you tell me about your background
  3. So, where have you studied?
  4. Tell me something about your past life

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