Structure of Fresher's Resume

  1. Career Objective: This section describes your aim and aspirations. It should be unique, Do NOT copy it from any sample please! Just try to think what you want to do in your career and what qualities in you can benefit the company.
  2. Academics/ Education: You can make a table with the following headers:
    Degree, University, College, Percentage/CGPA and year of Passing and then populate the rows with the latest degree first i.e. first B.E, followed by 12th and then 10th.
    OR you can write the academic details in a clear paragraph format  (Use Table Structure)
  3. Technical Skills: like C++,c,java,
  4. Achievements/ Extra Curricular Activities: Mention any awards that you have won, or extra-curricular activities like , Participated in Stage Drama, Create website for the college, participated in an All India Paper Presentation Competition etc.
  5. Academic Projects:Mention the projects that you did as part of college curriculum or any personal project that you made. Do not forget to mention the duration of project, Name of the organization if you have done it as part of internship, Team Size, and a small 3-4 lines Description.
  6. Personal Details: This section should contain personal Information like your date of birth, your Father's Name, your postal address, Languages Know,.. etc...
*Dont use too much underlines
*Dont use any pictures.
*Dont use colors.
*You resume must be only in Black Font color.
*Maximum and minimum 2 pages for freshers Resume

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