Most Important iOS Interview Questions:

1.What is latest iOS version?
2.What is latest Xcode version?
3.What is latest mac os version , and tell the Mac os Name as well?4.What is iPad screen sizes?
5.what is iPhone screen sizes?
6.What are the features is iOS  7 and iOS 8?
7.Who invented Objective c?
8.What is Cococa and cocoa touch?
9.What is Objective c?
10. how declare methods in Objective c? and how to call them?
11. What is property in Objective c?
12.What is meaning of "copy" keyword?
13.What is meaning of "readOnly" keyword?
14.What is meaning of "retain" keyword?
15.What is meaning of "assign" keyword?
16.What is meaning of "automic" keyword?
17.What is meaning of "nonautomic" keyword?
18.What is difference between "assign" and "retain" keyword?
19.What is meaning of "synthesize" keyword ?
20.What is "Protocol" on objective c?
21.What is use of UIApplication class?
22.What compilers apple using ?
23.What is synchronized() block in objective c? what is the use of that?
24. What is the "interface" and "implementation"?
25.What is "private", "Protected" and "Public" ?
26. What is the use of "dynamic" keyword?
27.What is "Delegate" ?
28.What is "notification"?
29.What is difference between "protocol" and "delegate"?
30.What is "Push Notification"?
31.How to deal with SQLite database?
32.What is storyboard?
33.What is Category in Objective c?
34.What is block in objective c?
35. How to parse xml? explain in deep.
36.How to parse JSON? explain in deep.
37.How to use reusable cell in UITableview?
38.What is the meaning of "strong"keyword?
39.What is the meaning of "weak" keyword?
40.What is difference strong and  weak reference ? explain.
41.What is ARC ? How it works? explain in deep.
42. What manual memory management ?  how it work?
43. How to find the memory leaks in MRC?
44.what is use of NSOperation? how NSOperationque works?
45.How to send crash report from device?
46.What is autorealease pool?
47.What happens when we invoke a method on a nil pointer?48.Difference between nil and Nil.
49.What is fast enumeration?

50. How to start a thread? explain in deep.
51.How to download something from the internet?
52.what is synchronous web request and asynchronous ?
53. Difference between sax parser and dom parser ?
54.Explain stack and heap?
55.What are the ViewController  lifecycle in iOS?
56.Difference between coredata & sqlite?
57.Steps for using core data?
58.Procedure to push the app in AppStore?
59.What are the Application lifecycle in iOS?
60.Difference between release and autorelease ?
61.How to start a selector on a background thread
62.What happens if the methods doesn’t exist
63.what happens if you remove   the object from the array, and   you try to use it?
64.Difference between HTML & XML?
65.What are iOS SDK Tools?
66.what are the Delegate Methods for XML Parsing?
67.What is XML parsing?

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