What is malware?

What is malware?


"software which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system"

“Malware” is short for “malicious software” - computer programs designed to infiltrate and damage computers without the users consent. “Malware” is the general term covering all the different types of threats to your computer safety such as viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits and so on.

Malware stands for "Malicious Software"

This may refer to anything that, without the user's consent, modifies or misuses the system in any way.

For example, you may download a "game" which has been purposely written to fake crash. You may think nothing's happened, but in the background, it could've modified your system in a certain way, or is logging your keystrokes, etc.

Malware can be detected using antivirus software.

The term "malware" covers all sorts of malicious software designed to harm a computer or network. Malware can be installed on your machine without your knowledge, often through deceptive links or downloads posing as something desirable.

Kinds of malware include (but are not limited to):
-Trojan horses

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