Guidance for IT Students

Guidance for BCA/MCA/BE/IT Students:

If you are doing IT education,we are guiding you for the same.

If you are doing Mca: After MCA, if you want to continue your studies, then you can opt for the courses listed below:
-PHD etc.

And if you want to go for job, then enrich your profile in the field you want to work..You should do command on various specialized languages also. Do some hardware management or ethical hacking or cyber crime course. You can also gain enough knowledge on various other platforms like linux, ERP or MIS or SAP courses,web designing courses etc.


Software Developer/Programmer/Engineer:
Software Developers are responsible for designing, installing, testing and maintaining the software systems. They provide IT services by analyzing the client needs and designing the system to meet those requirements. It is a very creative field that goes beyond the usual job of coding.

System Analyst:
A system analyst is responsible to design innovative IT solutions to drive businesses and increase efficiency. Their role is to study the current business situation, business processes and models, and design better IT solutions in terms of software for their clients. They are a bridge between the software developers and the clients.

Software specialists:
The software specialists are the specialised professionals who assist in the development and maintenance of software. They are highly trained and technically proficient people who carry a thorough know-how about the software and their applications. Most of the trained software specialist carries numerous certifications to attain specialisation in specific software field. They can also attain relevant degree to work in the field of software technology.

IT Developer career:
An IT Developer is one who is in charge of the designing, installation, testing and maintenance of IT programs that run on a computer. Some of the other activities that an IT developer performs are assessment of present software program, suggest new software program, provide cost analysis, providing report for various software codes etc.

Web Designer and Developer:
A Web Designer/Developer is responsible for designing and developing websites. He/she should have a very creative blend of mind, color sense, and font style. They should also be well-versed in software to develop and maintain website such as HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and so on.

Software Consultant:
Consultancy is a very popular career option today. A software consultant is responsible for evaluating a business, its processes and provides software solutions and other feedback to drive the business efficiency. He can be self-employed or work for a consultancy firm. His objective is to provide cost-effective solutions to enhance sales and business growth.

Job options:
Jobs directly related to IT Education(BCA/MCA/BE-IT/BSC-IT/MSC-COMP/...) include:
-Database administrator
-Games developer
-Information systems manager
-IT consultant
-Multimedia programmer
-Network engineer
-Systems analyst
-Systems developer

Other IT Jobs:
-IT sales professional
-IT trainer
-Secondary school teacher
-Technical author

Top Companies hiring IT Professionals:
• Google
• Yahoo
• Hewlett-Packard 
• International Business Machines Corporation
• Toshiba Corporation 
• Dell Inc
• NEC Corporation
• Canon Inc
• Apple Inc
• ASUSTEK Computer Inc
• Acer Inc
• Lenovo Group Limited
• Sun Microsystem
• Infosys
• Wipro
• Techmahindra

There are thousands of MNCs and many of the small/middle scale IT companies in India hiring Software professionals.

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