How to get a Job

[for freshers]

When you don’t have any experience to flaunt, the right fundamental qualification can come real handy. To be really relevant for the position you are applying, you can demonstrate the apt graduation qualification. For example, a person with Bachelors in IT engineering, MCA, BCA or Computer Science is more likely to be hired to an IT position as compared to someone from non-tech background like electrical or mechanical or humanities.

Sometimes, those with degrees and even the right qualification can find it hard to secure a job. This is where certifications come in handy. IT is a vast arena and is divided into many categories. So, you have networking people, web development, designers, system administrators and more.

Build the perfect CV and covering letter:-
"When it comes to your CV and covering letter, using the right kind of language is vital," says John Lees, career coach and author of How To Get A Job You’ll Love and The Interview Expert. "On top of this, don’t over-burden decision makers: your CV should not be longer than three pages, with all the key messages on page one. Think about what conclusion a busy HR manager would draw from the first half page of your CV. Be clear, concise and provide both claims and evidence in your CV and covering letter."
The trick for anyone looking to make the switch between sectors is being able to fulfil the requirements of a person specification. And the emphasis is on having the skills to do the job. One of the main problems is that candidates do not realise that the experience they have gained in the public sector is transferable to the private sector.

Resume Tips:-
Choose the Right Resume Format
Prioritize Your Resume Content
Write an Effective Resume Title
Add a Project List
Add Summary of Qualifications
Add Achievement Statements
Be Honest

There’s more IT jobs than mere salaries. Candidates must remember that IT requires a thorough technical knowledge. In order to advance to higher positions, regular refreshing of your certifications and knowledge is paramount.

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