HTML, CSS: Want to become expert?

I got many of the emails, containing subject as, "I want to become expert in HTML and CSS".
As per my small but enough experience to share with you, you can be expert in anything, just you need to love it.

I can only provide suggestions on how to become a better developer based on the experiences that I've had.

Whatever technology in which you want to become an expert, do all things practically in that technology.

So its the Technology HTML and CSS:

You must be strong at basics of HTML and CSS.

What to do at Basic Level:

Create forms with different designs.

Use combinations of colors and fonts to design.

One HTML element can be designed in different way, so try it.

Look the HTML form or content designed by you, is this really good? if it's good then make it better at all.

Look for the designs on websites on internet, try to design the same.

Code as many websites as you can. It is the best way to learn all the quirks and methods of implementing layouts. Use Google for answers to problems you have, you'll probably find an answer.

Share your design with experts or friends for "Review", take suggestions, make it more good.

When it comes to CSS and markup in general, the best method I have found is to learn by doing.  Start simple and work toward the more complex topics.  Once you learn the basics of semantic markup, selectors and styles/attributes, implementing designs becomes easier.   

Advance Level:

Learn about responsive web design. For responsive learn Bootstrap.

Responsive web design is expected by everyone in market or business.

Responsive means the design should be look and fit propery in every device(MOBILE, DESKTOP,TABLET PC, LAPTOP).

Learning Never Ends.

Last But Not Least:

Try learning forever.
Do practice forever.
Stay hungry forever for new things.

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