What to do after IT Graduation?

Question asked by many of the IT students (BCA/BSC-IT/BSC-comp).

Team at Technology Park doing survey on this. On this way we found that many of the software professional's opinion is : "Go for Job, instead of Masters"

Answer given by Vanesh Mali (Software Engineer @Pune,Maharashtra, India) :
My strong suggestion would be to not to go for  MCA at this moment. If you have completed your BCA, start enrolling for internships or Full-Time jobs. The current IT market scenario shows that a MCA after a BCA wont increase much in the salary aspect, considering the fact you will be spending quite some time and money in these three years of MCA. However, if you start working and gain potential work experience and then go for MCA, it might show the right path or another upcoming opportunity. Masters should be done after gaining some experience in the real world projects.

Answers Given by Other Software Professionals,
There are wide-ranging options for the graduates who have completed the BCA course. The various fields other than the computer application they can choose for the post graduation includes the management courses. This gives variety of career options especially in the Human Resource field and financial accounting fields. These specializations offer them scope of a bright career afterwards. They can opt for the master degree course in abroad also.
Some of the higher study options after BCA other than MCA are:
-Masters in Computer Management
-Masters Degree in Information Management (MIM)
-Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
-Master of Science in Information Technology (m.sc IT)
-G-CAT Master
-Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications
-Post Graduate Program in Corporate Studies (PGPCS)

I would have suggested to go for a start-up had you done your BTech/BE . It is not that the knowledge you gain in BE/BTech is more. It is just that most IT companies treat BSc, BCA as second class workers, with lower salaries . They are mostly deployed to maintenance and support project.

So I would suggest you to do MCA. MCA is considered on par with BE/B.Tech.  While doing MCA, take up innovative projects each semester and makes sure atleast 2-3 of them go live(as website or in play/apple store) . If you can handle work and education together, then do MCA while working via correspondence/distance/weekend course. Once you are done with MCA, try to get into a startup.

Answer :
I would say, go for the start up now, and if it doesn't work out at some point, you can always resume the studies. The other way is probably harder. Also look at the financial situation of course. And take into account what you are happy with.

Bottom Line:
After IT Graduation go for a Job, gain experience,learn Technology, languages, after that you can do Masters.After all its your choice. Best Luck for your Golden and Bright Future.

team @ Technology Park

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