Planning to start Online tutoring for IT Students

Hi everyone,

After receiving your mails, messages, calls,  We are  planning to start online tutoring at TECHNOLOGY PARK.

We request you to give  suggestions, which things should we include here?
We want to make it global portal that will help IT students, and job seekers.

We are Technology lovers, helpers, self motivators.
We want to grow, with people.
But this can not be possible without you.

Take a look at website, give ideas what should we include there.
You are always welcome.
In future, at this moment, you will be lucky for partnership in TECHNOLOGY PARK.

Our vision is reach to more people, help to more people.
We want to participate in the growth of Technology World.

If you really want to appreciate our work, hit LIKE: Technology Park .
Your ideas are always welcome......
You can write us here: .
Last but not least, Thank you for your core but great response.
We would love to hear from you.

If you don't have time to login to your mail, and write a long mail, just drop here small comment whatever your feedback. We will reach you in mean time.

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  1. Here is the comment:
    I am waiting for your PHP teaching, as you said.
    Please start soon.!
    I love this blog a lot.
    Mahesh P. -- BCA student.


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