What should I do, after 12th?

What should I do, after 12th?

Everyone is confused at the level of leaving high school life. Specially if the students are from rural area.
If you have this question, at this stage, You are on the right way.
And this is not abnormal, its common. But it should not happen. Everyone should analyse yourself whats your interest. What exactly you want to become?

If you loves writing, go for it.
If you like sports, join some good college or institute which is special for sports.

First thing, everyone wants to earn money. Ant thing is that, there is a big misunderstanding, that IT field gives more money. Hey, the days are gone. Now IT industry hiring the talent only, not the degree holders or toppers, or who has 90% or more.
Coming to the point what to do after 12th?
Decide on your own.
You may say, then why you are writing this article, right?
Yes, this is the article just to remind you, you have freedom to choose your career, life.
You can earn money (if money is important to you), in any field.
I am not going to include all the things that you should do after 12th.
But some of them are:
Computer Science
Health science
Business Administration
Hotel Management
Language Specialization (foreign languages)
Social Working
Artificial Intelligence

Important Note:
This is the blog especially for IT people. Many of the people asking me to write about “what to do after 12th  ?”. The purpose of question is mostly confusion of choosing BCA/BBA or another.
See, Now a day’s millions of candidates passing degree of IT, each year, and this number is increasing. The number of candidates required by IT Industry is around 2, 00,000 only.
If you are good at programming, logic, and you are ready to learn everything related to IT/Software, go for BCA.
Otherwise not.
And if you have already been taken admission for BCA, then learn Programming, improve logic, learn everything related to IT/Software, no option.
The crowd of IT candidates, is going to increase in marketing.
So, again saying, decide on your own. Ask yourself what exactly you are interested in!
Do whatever you want nothing is meaningless.
You can earn money, by your talent, knowledge, skills, not by Degree.
There are always exists some courses, related to your interests!

If you can learn, obviously you can earn.

(Article submitted by: Vanesh Mali)
copyright@Vanesh Mali


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