Pointers in C++ is a useless topic. "Wrong"

Question from my mail Box:
How can I prove my friend, who says "Pointers in C++ is a useless topic.", wrong?

I replied:
Ask him if you can visit his home, he will agree. Tell him to bring his home to your place. He will ask you if you are drunk. Then ask him his address, he will give you. Now you can visit his home.

Giving address to your friends is easier than copying your home everywhere. That's what pointers do.

In other way you can prove as:

Though pointers are most powerful in C but they are not useless in C++. C++ is an extension of C with addition of OOP's features. What makes C++ a strong language for programming is that it allows you to use OOP's features and access them using pointers.

In C++ you can pass objects to a function using a pointer, you can access an object and also call a method of an object just using pointers. Interfaces in C++ are generally access through pointers.

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